Discover the latest fishing conditions on the Arkansas River in May 2024, along with top fly patterns and essential metrics for a successful fishing trip.

Current Fishing Conditions

The fishing conditions on the Arkansas River on May 8th, 2024, are okay. Anglers can expect a productive day on the water with plenty of fish biting but a fast-moving river to cope with. The river is flowing at a moderate discharge rate of 628 cubic feet per second (CFS), which provides optimal conditions for fishing.

The water temperature is pleasant, ranging from 39F to 62F. This temperature range is ideal for various fish species found in the Arkansas River. Anglers can expect the fish to be actively feeding throughout the day.

The wind speed is relatively calm, making it easier for anglers to cast their lines and maneuver their boats. The light breeze adds to the overall pleasant fishing experience on the Arkansas River.

Top Fly Patterns for May

When it comes to fly patterns for May on the Arkansas River, there are a few tried and tested options that consistently yield great results. Here are some top fly patterns recommended by experienced anglers:

Parachute Adams Parachute Adams: This classic dry fly imitates various Mayfly species and is highly effective in enticing trout to rise to the surface.


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Elk Hair Caddis Elk Hair Caddis: Another versatile dry fly pattern that imitates caddisflies. It can be fished both on the surface and as an emerger below the water.


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Bead Head Pheasant Tail  Nymph Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph: A reliable nymph pattern that imitates various aquatic insects. This pattern works well when fish are feeding below the surface.


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Socking Updates on the Arkansas

No update as of yet. We are awaiting news from authorities. Stay tuned for more updates on the Arkansas River as the fishing season progresses. 



Tymothe Meskel
Post by Tymothe Meskel
May 8, 2024
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